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If you or someone you care about is struggling with a mental health disorder or an alcohol or drug addiction problem, there is hope. Let us help.
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All too often we hear, “I had a feeling that something was wrong. Why didn’t I say or do something?” Unfortunately, this phrase is usually said following a tragedy or other significant event. We often second guess ourselves and our abilities to sense another’s pain. Sometimes it just seems easier to look the other way because it can be very difficult to step outside of our comfort zones.

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✓ Individuals Counseling
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✓ Family & Group Counseling
✓ Outpatient Counseling
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Hello! I’m Dr. Thomas Estis


Thomas Estis, Ph.D. is the Clinical Director/Co-Owner of Aimwell Addiction Recovery Center, LLC. located at 1106 Stubbs Avenue Suite B, Monroe, LA 71201. Dr. Estis holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work, a Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling with a Minor in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor degree in Sociology. Dr. Estis’ is a licensed National Certified Counselor (NCC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC); Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S); Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT); Licensed Marriage and Family Board Certified Supervisor (LMFT-BAS); Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC); International Certified Addiction Counselor (ICADC)

Witnessing families in crisis for years prior to the addicted person entering treatment or recovery, Dr. Estis’ focus is researching the crisis necessary for the addicted person(s) to embrace treatment and ultimately recovery. Dr. Estis’ experiences spans more than two decades of personal and family counseling, speaking engagements including state and national level and COA background.  Dominant therapeutic approaches include Gestalt and Existential Therapy which affords a holistic and spiritual roadmap for correlating the spiritual awakening stressed in the Twelve (12) Steps Recovery Programs. Dr. Estis’ renowned research regarding the relationship between spirituality and addiction has been presented at State, Regional and National conferences and forums.

As an adult child of an alcoholic (ACOA), Dr. Estis presents an up close and microscopic view of the chaos and injurious effects of alcoholism. Dr. Estis aspires that others and their families will not have similar memories or grief experiences. By combining insights from personal experiences and professional training, he desires to offer hope to those who have alienated themselves from self and others via alcoholism, addictions, and/or responses to life’s circumstances.

What We Treat

Listed below are behavioral indicators that may warrant a referral for counseling services. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these indicators, please reach out to us as soon as possible for further information and assistance. Behavioral Indicators for Potential Referral to Mental Health Services.

Aggressive or Disruptive Behavior
Alcohol / Substance Abuse Dependency
Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Change in Behavior or Personality
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Sadness / Unprovoked Crying
Concentration Difficulties

Counseling (Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups)
Disturbed Sleep Patterns
Drop in School / Work Performance

Excessive Psychosomatic Complaints
Frequent School or Work Absences / Excessive Tardiness

Homicidal Thoughts or Attempts
Lack of Self-Control
Mental Heath
Poor Interpersonal Relations
Poor Self-Esteem

Suicidal Thoughts or Attempts
Suspicious or Secretive Behavior
Unusual Fears
Withdrawal / Isolation

Types of Insurance

We accept the following insurances listed below, plus major credit cards or personal form of payment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Beacon Health

MH Net
Healthy Blue

AmeriHealth Caritas
United Healthcare
Louisiana Healthcare Connections

About Aimwell Recovery Center

Aimwell Recovery Center was founded after over 25 years of counseling individuals and families suffering from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, addiction, and related relationship problems. We witnessed numerous individuals and families stuck in futile and preconceived perceptions that only added to the suffering and problems. Their inability to attain workable solutions came about with the assistance of an insightful and experienced licensed professional.

Our purpose is to assist individuals and families to:

  • Break through the denial related to alcoholism/addiction or other issues.
  • Recognize the previous behaviors as being harmful to self and others.
  • Determine a transcendent foundation for change.
  • And establishing a recovery or support network that will continue to be a catalyst for change.

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If you have questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you. We understand this may be a difficult time for you. Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision and we want to make it easy for you to get the information you need confidentially. Don’t waste your life on addiction. Choose hope today.

Aimwell Recovery Center
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